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Katerina Lubasova
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Do you feel unfulfilled and need a life reboot? Do you want to clarify your future direction? Or do you just want to develop yourself further personally and professionally?

With me and my online coaching sessions, you will find time for yourself and your visions. I attune myself to both your rational thinking and your emotional experience. I support their connectedness so that you experience your consciousness and inner peace already during the coaching session.

The coaching conversation is spontaneous. I listen to you, ask key questions and help you find your own answers. The basis of my approach is the Brain-Based Coaching method, which I find very stimulating, developmental and at the same time respectful of the individual's set-up. When it makes sense, we also pay attention to the emotional experience and body signals (harmony of mind, emotions and body).

  • Introductory online coaching session (50 minutes) — We will get to know each other, I will introduce the coaching, talk about your expectations and answer any questions. You will then have a standard coaching conversation. You will take away something specific from the initial session that is of value to you at that moment. Book a sample coaching session »
  • Follow-up online coaching sessions (50 minutes):
    • Transformational coaching sessions
    • Product-development coaching sessions
    • Coaching sessions for two
    • Team coaching sessions and retrospectives
    • Coaching conversations in motion
  • Self-help games for couples and individuals
    • Ventilator — Focus: Emotions. The game puts you in touch with your emotions and shows you how to vent and transform them.
    • Customized games — I'm happy to create a self-development game specifically for you, your partner, your company (team or customers), or as a personalized gift.

After gaining experience as a professional Scrum Master and Agile Coach and from individual coaching sessions, I finally decided to go freelance in 2019 — I focus on freelance coaching, creating self-development products and working on my own coaching method.

I am very well adapted to online coaching with clients from all over the world thanks to my extensive international working and traveling experience. Over the years, I have visited a great number of countries in Europe, Asia and Australia, and have worked with people and teams from the USA, Europe, Australia and Africa.

5 reasons to work with me

  1. I draw from multiple sources, allowing me to create my own coaching structure. However, I have a solid foundation in neurocoaching.
  2. You can discuss anything with me, while being completely assured of my absolute discretion and confidentiality.
  3. With me, you will experience understanding and also the necessary support focused on acceptance or finding a solution, depending on what you currently need.
  4. I ask you questions to develop your potential.
  5. I continually educate myself in various fields, which in turn benefits my clients as well.

The values I base my work on:

  • Self-worth — I know what I am doing.
  • Authenticity — I truly perceive you. Everything you say and feel.
  • Respect — You have everything in your hands and we will only go as far as you want.
  • Creativity — I perceive your uniqueness and I am happy to support you in it.
  • Responsibility — A secure, solid and safe place. Everything we agree on stands.
  • Integration — My questions are integrative, directed towards your own harmony.

How does the coaching work?

  • During the initial coaching session we will agree on the form and length of the collaboration.
  • For effective and lasting change, the standard collaboration period is 3-6 months, meeting ideally once a week or once every 14 days.
  • For long-term collaboration, we normally do a summary of the collaboration every 3-6 months and either continue with the set goals, adjust them a bit, or set completely new ones.
  • It is also possible to arrange for coaching where we will not set/follow any specific goals and the coaching will only serve to develop the person and their potential.
  • It is possible to change the date of the coaching session 48 hours before it starts. Payment is made in advance.

My services are suitable for anyone who…

  • wants to make any change(s) in their personal or professional life,
  • wants to experience inner peace,
  • wants to take life into their own hands and enjoy the freedom that comes with it,
  • wants to build their business step by step and have it in harmony with their personal life,
  • wants to develop their own products or projects that go hand in hand with one’s own personal development.

Try a short practical exercise

I practice this exercise in moments when I feel overwhelmed, before going to bed or in the morning before starting a new day. I recommend saying the questions and answers out loud to yourself or writing them down on paper, it helps direct your attention to where you need it to go. During the exercise, there is a harmonizing connection between the mind, emotions and body.

  1. What's on your mind right now? Answer: ……………………
  2. How does it make you feel? Answer: ……………………
  3. Where is the feeling/emotion concentrated on your body? Answer: …………………
    (Close your eyes, if you want. But they can stay open and give that spot on your body your attention for a while.)
  4. What is most important to you at the moment? Answer: ……………………

That's right, it's time for you and your story. Do you want to embark on a journey and have a supportive guide by your side? I'm happy to go with you.

Katerina Lubasova

Contact details

Katerina Lubasova
Na Folimance 15
120 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 775 961 123
VAT ID:CZ08137242

Firsthand recommendations

By her own temperament, Kačka is a very empathic and perceptive person. Her ability to identify with and understand others helps her in her coaching job, for which she has decided and which she continuously improves. Although my sessions with her were demanding, their result came soon – after five sessions I took up a new job, that makes me happy. Therefore I recommend such sessions to people who need to move forward in their lives, even at the cost of stepping outside their comfort zones.

Veronika Schiebertova Government Councillor at The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

I used to be a little skeptical about coaching. The main reason was that I couldn't imagine what to expect from it. After a few sessions with Katka, I got my answer and I also got an idea of how a coaching session helps in my further personal development. Katka is a great, empathetic coach who has always helped me gain insight, and with her guidance I have solved most of the problems myself, and due to this reason I appreciate her even more.

Jakub Lazna Scrum Master at Alza

I actually wasn’t coping with any “big problem” before the coaching itself. I just wanted to have a talk with someone and maybe uncover a hidden shadow to be addressed, so that it won’t catch me off guard sometime in the future. Coaching itself is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself – by figuring it out yourself. The coach is a guide who provides support on your path and offers a different point of view. Already during the first session with Katka we discovered several areas worth focusing on. Katka guided me with subtle questions and I was uncovering what I wasn’t aware of in my common life or what I didn’t want to admit. I think that among the greatest benefits of Katka’s sessions are the clearly defined goals to be achieved through coaching, lining up the strategy to reach them, and, most importantly, setting up the action to bring you there.

Ing. Arch. Julie Rawding interior designer
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