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Milada Nox — Czech native copywriter and content marketing specialist


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We have been successfully cooperating with Milada for several years. The originally intended management of PPC campaigns for 1 website has expanded to approximately 5 websites, within which we do not only work on PPC campaigns but also on content and promotion on social networks. Milada is incredibly reliable, organized and helpful. Thanks to her overlap between marketing fields, she can always advise and consult on topics that we do not solve on a daily basis. In addition, she has an understanding of our complex decision-making processes and has incredible patience with us.

Barbora Prade
marketing manager at a design-bath company Porcelanosa

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I have been in close contact with Milada for over 3 years and I respect her as a person and as a capable editor and copywriter. She is able to find, grasp and write marketing topics well, especially those focusing on social media. It helps her that she is a marketer specializing in the digital environment. Today, it is rare to find someone you can rely on. Milada is one of these people.

Petr Michl
editor-in-chief at Marketing Journal

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Our mutual cooperation is a joy. We solve various texts together - from interviews through the text of the website to contributions to social networks. As a result, I like readability and choice of words, or other stimuli for development. I appreciate not only the result, but also the process and especially the communication. We target different audiences and texts must also contain technical terms, which is no problem for Milada.

Barbora Kľúčiková Krajčovičová
marketing manager at FenStar

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Cooperation with Milada on our PPC campaigns has always gone smoothly and most importantly we have always managed to improve the results. I especially appreciate the flexible reactions, meeting deadlines and the willingness to always advise beyond cooperation. Milada, thank you very much for the cooperation so far and I look forward to the next one.

Radka Vokurková
marketing manager at Rej-dění

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We started cooperating on several Facebook posts a month and gradually expanded it to ensure all communication on our social networks. The cooperation with Milada Zemanová definitely paid off for us and I can only recommend it.

Jiří Atanasovský
CEO of Lazerfun

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Milada has been managing our company profile on Instagram for more than 2 years. During that time, the number of followers and other important characteristics of our profile have moved significantly forward. The communication is very pleasant and at the same time professional level. As a publishing house we often target a specific community of modern board game players, I must appreciate its overview in this specific field, which is reflected in the outputs of our profile all the time.

Pavel Prachař
manager at Mindok

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Copywriting on LinkedIn is only for some; for me, it would take a long time. So I contacted Milada Nox Zemanova and hoped we could find common ground. After the first draft and proofreading of the post, I knew I was communicating with a real pro in the field, and Milada could expertly advise on the wording and the topic itself and always suggest a clear solution. I can rely on Milada and am confident that I don't have to correct or instruct anything further. I appreciate her prompt and high-quality actions and commitment, which bring great results. I recommend taking advantage of Milada's professional and honest work.

Ladislav Vaško

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We have been working with Milada since 2018. Due to great satisfaction, the scope of cooperation has gradually expanded - e.g. KW analysis, marketing strategy, FB and IG account management and optimization, etc. Milada works with absolute precision - she meets all deadlines, is proactive, and her work has the required quality. For us, positive feedback is client satisfaction. We recommend cooperation with Milada.

Miroslav Ullman
Project manager at Online Makers

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I am delighted with Mrs Nox Zemanova's service. It was a random choice that turned out to be a hit. With her professional and empathetic approach, Ms Nox Zemanová created a very engaging text for my new website, which completely describes my services and industry and me.

Jarka Brinkman
veterinary physiotherapist

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Milada helped us with the content for the website. She debugged short descriptions with us but also more extensive texts. She also coped with the limited variability of the box solution we build our websites on. The cooperation was always pleasant and friendly, but at the same time professional. We especially appreciated the reliability and patience. Her flexibility also helped us enormously because when the project got delayed, and we needed to postpone the deadlines for her work, she always accommodated and found time for us when we needed it.

Simona Kuldová
senior project manager at Global Assistance

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I have been working with Milada for more than a year, and during this time, she has prepared texts for my website, social networks and PPC campaign management. My main positive feedback is the quality of the materials, professionalism and adherence to the agreed deadlines.

Karel Nekuža
CEO of Bi4

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